Lots of Love to you all.

In the midst of this crisis we need to look for what uplifts us. Many times we find solutions and opportunities when we have no choices left, and we create something new by opening new doors.

We are all going through this together in our own realms. It is not easy to adjust or to create change.

We were very comfortable in our lives. Then all of a sudden 2020 brought us a new way to survive and adjust. We have to be flexible and strong, and only then can we bring balance back into our lives. That’s why we practice yoga and meditation. It helps us ease stress from our minds.

Covid-19 forced us to stay home and focus on our own practice. We have learned to appreciate our lives because we are fortunate enough to survive.

This new struggle came so suddenly, that some of us were not ready physically, emotionally, and financially. Now, we need to adjust ourselves, in search of the insight of our spirit.

What is important in our life?

1) Health
2) Finances
3) Family or loved one’s

Am I right?

“We all want to live life balanced with adjustments or modify our life.“

“We need to respect each other with Empathy, Love, and Support.”

“Where is a wound there is healing.”

“Kindness is a choice that comes from Strength“  

My prayers for you all

Love and Light,


P.S.  I decided to continue my teaching via Zoom. Please visit my event page for more details. Studio workshops also available; please email rajashree@rajashree.com

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