The Context

We live in demanding times where demands are imposed on us not just externally but also internally. Every individual is simultaneously a member of several systems such as the workplace, the family, the neighborhood, and society. Each of these systems is a complex network by itself. The complexity of these networks is manifest through independent roles that operate with its own distinct values & norms, and with its own systems and processes. As a consequence, the effectiveness of individuals in each system is reduced by conflicts in priorities, demands, internal pressures, and personal values. The individual develops a style to cope, to perform, and to achieve a balance among the choices available. Yet, research reveals that the coping style developed by an individual over several years creates a tension between the mind and the body. These tensions remain unresolved in the unconscious, and give rise to many known psychosomatic diseases, thereby affecting personal wellness and effectiveness. 

The Workshop

On the backdrop of this context, this Workshop offers participants the opportunity to review their own life-style, inner resources, and identity in order to increase mindfulness and personal effectiveness in each Role. The setting will provide individuals the opportunity to:

  1. Examine the emotional sources of physical stress, leading to the possibility of an ailment, that can be managed and cured through the practice of Yoga as well as medication,
  2. Review attitudinal and personal aspects,
  3. Diagnose interpersonal and intrapersonal tensions, and
  4. Discover and test new alternatives for a stress-free, healthier living. 

The Trainers

Rajashree Choudhury, with her experience in health-care, truly believes that Yoga needs to be removed from the spiritual and religious context it has today. Yoga is fun, and it is for everybody and anybody who wants to explore and experience its benefits. She believes that by making it a recreational activity a far larger number of people will benefit from it, both physically and emotionally. Her dream project, Lavanya Foundation, now brings focus on the welfare of women all over the world.

Modern women are learning to take care of themselves. They need that last push! The woman runs the house; she takes care of the family, but no one really looks after her. We put less priority on ourselves and focus on everything else. We deprive ourselves physically and emotionally. And then, suddenly it’s mid-life and the time to enjoy is over, leading to depression. Rajashree is an Associate of Sukrut India, having completed the 03-phase professional internship in psychoanalytic psychotherapy, and believes that this Workshop will change this cycle by incorporating Yoga and Psychotherapy into the everyday activities of women and men, to increase wellness and health.

Manab Bose is a practicing psychoanalytic psychotherapist with Sukrut India. He has been involved over the past 30+ years in the development of individuals from all walks of life. He also teaches an Advanced Leadership Course at the prestigious Indian Institute of Management Udaipur in India.

Google Search Manab Bose to read more about him.

Administrative Details

 Due to Covid travel restrictions, the workshop has been postpone for awhile.
  New dates are yet to be decided.