Narayan Sewa Ashram

Rajashree supports the Narayan Sewa Ashram. It is a foundation, not an orphanage, welfare centre or NGO. It is a home for children whose families have abandoned them.


Here is the story of the foundation of the Narayan Sewa Ashram:
It was December 9, 2004, one of the coldest winter mornings. A couple had come to visit the holy place of Devghar (abode of Gods), a place in Jharkhand. When Sri Hare Ram Pandey with his wife Smt Bhavani Devi , entered the heart of the city, they saw a big crowd at the SBI training centre campus. When they arrived they were shocked with the scene. A newborn born girl (8-9 hours old) had been wrapped with a piece of cloth had been thrown in the bushes. People were poked the baby with sticks to check if the child was aliveHundreds of ants and other insects were on the babys’ tiny body especially around naval (umbilical stump). Thorns of the bushes had made wounds all over the body. A heartbreaking spectacle that no one could ignore.Hare Ram Pandey touched the baby for a the pulse.A miracle..he felt the ray of a hope that she was alive.

The couple immediately took her to the nearest doctor. The baby girl was in ICU for around 29 days. But with the care , love and prayers of the couple, that girl was saved.The Pandey couple had their own 3 children, all married and living in different places. That fateful day they received a new daughter. They named her Ashi(not her original name to hide the identity). When the couple looked at the baby feelings of pure love filled their hearts.Their own family members and their community peoplehad advised them against adopting Ashi. Despite the negative comments they made her their own.

On Ashi’s first birthday, they organised a grand ceremony and invited many people for dinner.While the couple was busy with the preparations for the celebration, a neighbour came running at 3 am.At a nearby bus stand, another newborn girl child had been thrownin the garbage. Her umbilical cord was still attached and body covered in blood. The Father of one adopted girl, had two daughters now. Where once people heartlessly left their new born daughters to die,  Hare Ram Pandey saved them and cared for them as his own daughters.

 Hare Ram Pandey continues to save baby girls and cares for children withoutfamilies.