Like to walk in another’s shoes

Being in the public eye may look glamorous, when in reality it puts one in a very vulnerable place. I want people to understand that I am a person in my own right, and I am not accountable for the actions, decisions or even words of anyone else.

Caring for my children has always been my first priority, and when the allegations against my former husband began to surface, I cried for my children and how their lives would be affected ….. What would people say to them? He is a good father to them, and they love their father, and I just can’t bear the pain they are facing.

Contrary to any cruel representations you may have heard, I did not stay in my marriage for material gain but for the sake of my children.

When I finally realized that our marriage could not work, I began to empower myself which was a big undertaking. This has taken years of hard work on my part. I finally got enough strength to move on with my life. I decided to flip things around and focus my time and attention and energy on my future.

In the end through all of this my Yoga practice literally saved me. Yoga can help anyone who is alive and breathing, and I will go forward to teach anyone who is willing to listen through my experience about Yoga Therapeutic.

Finally, I am grateful to the dear people in my life . . . you know exactly who you are… for your spoken or written words that have continually flooded my heart with a sea of loving support. I am forever grateful, and leave you with:

“Where there is love there is life.”

Mahatma Gandhi

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