Happy Summer!

Hello my friends,
Greetings to all, it is almost June and the summer fun begins.

First, I want to thank everyone who has joined me at one of my workshops the past 6 months. This is my opportunity to connect and send my regards and love to everyone. I have not been able to connect for a while, Life’s duty keeps us busy.

Happy Summer and cheers to everyone. I hope everyone has a happy and healthy life. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me and continue our friendship and growth. When it is summer, many of us are very busy with family because kids are out of school. I used to be a mom like that. I used to plan very hard, and sometimes at the end I would get very exhausted.

Our kids are happy to be home with us which we often forget.

If we can spend some time together, and not send them out to camp, they are happy. Although it is hard for working mothers. I believe if we try, we can manage to give time to our children.

In life we always want to be right.

Our human existence is dominated by self-awareness. Seeing ourselves in relationship to everything around us – both people and circumstances. Unless we view life in the context of unity, we will constantly be in a state veering between defense and attack.

Only through higher consciousness, can we understand the Compassion and Love that each individual is valuable and thus we can contribute to the welfare of all in our own unique way.

Unity is also lived as Dharma, which means righteousness, truthfulness, compassion, and understanding. When we realize our own true nature, we experience and understand through deeper knowledge the inner values of all things in life.

We must value ourselves.

If we don’t value ourselves, or we don’t recognize our own potential, then we can’t value anyone or anything outside ourselves. We must Live it and Be it. I wish everyone a happy and healthy Summer.

Love Always,


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