Happy Thanksgiving, 2023

Dear Bikram Hot Yoga Community, As I sit down to express my thoughts this Thanksgiving, my heart is overflowing with gratitude and admiration for each one of you. This is not just a letter; it’s an outpouring of love and support for the beautiful souls who have stood by Bikram yoga. To the resilient studio owners who continue to inspire us through their unwavering dedication, you are the backbone of our community. Your commitment to teaching and spreading the gift of Bikram yoga is nothing short of extraordinary. I am profoundly grateful for your enduring service. In this season of giving, I want to give something as well – my unwavering respect and love to all of you. Your practice, your persistence, and your passion are what make this community so exceptional. Your connection to Bikram yoga is something I deeply cherish. I understand that some of you may have reservations, even fears, about reconnecting with the name Bikram yoga. I’ve been there, too. But now, I see something profound – I see the transformations that happen in the hearts and lives of those who practice. It’s this transformation that inspires me to support the growth of our community. I want to be clear about my perspective within this system. While I may not directly benefit from our current situation, I grapple with internal conflict about my role. I believe that sharing these feelings openly and seeking support can help us navigate this journey together. From KPC LYFE, we are committed to organizing webinars, a platform for us to come together, communicate, and heal. Your presence, your voice, and your stories are what will rekindle the bond that holds our community together. I wholeheartedly believe in your dedication, your spirit, and your hard work. Your journey in the world of Bikram yoga is something I hold in the highest regard. This Thanksgiving, as we come together, let’s not just give thanks but give each other understanding, compassion, and support. You are not alone, and together, we can strengthen this beautiful Bikram Hot Yoga family. With love, respect, and heartfelt Thanksgiving wishes, Rajashree

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