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Kamal Bhandari

Kamal Bhandari

Rajashree conveys her profound grief and sorrow at the sad demise of Mr. Kamal Bhandari , seven-time former national bodybuilding champion ( Bharat Shree/ Mr. India) and Yoga expert who passed away on 2nd April,2015 in Kolkata , India after suffering a heart attack. Mr. Bhandari was a life-long disciple of Byamacharya Bishnu Charan Ghosh and spent many years with Ghosh's College of Physical Education owned by Byamacharya Bishnu Charan Ghosh. He visited Los Angeles several times and was one of the judges for the International Yoga Asana Championship.
Ex. Bharat (Mr. India) Kamal Bhandari was 81 years and was a sitting treasurer of the Bengal Olympic Association and secretary in the West Bengal Gymnastics Association. He was a very popular and well-known physical culturist and imparted training in many organizations/ clubs/ institutes. A renowned physical culturist and bodybuilder, Bhandari was a seven-time national champion (Bharat Shree) and two-time Mr. Universe finalist before turning to sports and Yoga administration in India. We all pray to God- may his soul rest in peace.
Congressman Tim Ryan

Congressman Tim Ryan

Veterans like Travis Leanna, 22 years old when he was deployed to Fallujah for Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2007, returned home to suffer from anxiety and insomnia. Now he teaches mindfulness and deep breathing to other veterans as part of Project Welcome Home Troops. In November,Tim Ryan(D-Ohio) and Rep. Rich Nugent (R-Fla.) introduced the Veterans and Armed Forces' Health Promotion Act of 2013, a bill that seeks to improve health care provided to veterans, including integrative health programs, such as mindfulness training, healthy eating plans and yoga therapy, as well as the creation of about 10 veteran family wellness centers across the country. It would also expand holistic care education and research for such common post-war issues as PTSD and traumatic brain injury.
Tom from Bikram Yoga Encinitas

Tom from Bikram Yoga Encinitas

We congratulate and honor Tom on completing 1000 classes in 823 days. This is an incredible achievement and we are very proud to have him in our community.
World Yoga Day

World Yoga Day

On Dec 11, 2014, The 193-member U.N. General Assembly approved by consensus a resolution establishing June 21 as ‘International Day of Yoga’. Rajashree Choudhury, joins the Yoga community to congratulate all the Yogis and Yoginis and specially the Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi on this historic achievement.
B.K.S. Iyengar

B.K.S. Iyengar

It is with inexpressible sorrow we have to announce that, B.K.S. Iyengar, world famous yoga guru and founder of Iyengar Yoga has passed away in Pune, in the western Indian state of Maharashtra, earlier Wednesday. In 2004, Iyengar was named one of the 100 most influential people in the world by Time Magazine.

RAJASHREE, Five-time winner of the All-India Yoga Championship

Brings years of experience and a feminine perspective to her teaching of Bikram Yoga.

How it all got started?

When I was growing up, there were no Yoga World Championship. India was the only country where yoga was considered a sport and hence the need to have a national yoga championship. Even after experiencing the essence of yoga, if it were not for thrill of the championship and the desire to win, I wouldn't have continued yoga asana practice. It was my dream to create World Yoga Championship for all future generations.


Why should you consider pregnancy yoga?

Practicing yoga during pregnancy is one of the healthiest ways to nurture yourself and your baby. You will learn to become more patient and gentle with yourself and gain confidence in the beautiful mother that you are becoming. Marvel at the miracle of your baby and what your incredible body and spirit are capable of creating...continue reading


Good for lungs and respiratory system, helps with mental relaxation, helps high blood pressure


Works into the whole skeletal and circulatory systems, opens shoulder joints, good for frozen shoulder


Improves overall body strength, opens pelvis, strengthens and tones leg muscles, relieves menstrual


Works into twelve major joints of the body, good for central nervous system, facilitates lymphatic function


Increases cardiovascular circulation, especially to heart blood vessels, may help clear blocked arteries


An excellent cardiovascular workout, intensely stretches each side of the body, opens and increases flexibility


What do our students say about us?

  • "I...have no concerns about losing my pregnancy weight and regaining my pre pregnancy body once I am practicing again."
    Kate Ulrich // Rajashree's pregnancy yoga student.
  • "When I knew I was pregnant I switched to the pregnancy poses. I have had absolutely no problems throughout my pregnancy and feel so wonderful after yoga ...
    Julie Marlowe // Rajashree's pregnancy yoga student.
  • Dear Rajashree, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I can't put into words how much your workshop gave me as a teacher and as a person. When I was pregnant..
    Mareka // Rajashree Pregnancy Yoga Seminar Attendee
Attitude is everything!
February is cancer awareness month! We honor our long time yoga practitioner and friend - Malek!
I have practiced Bikram Yoga since age 27. I am now 66 and survived three major assaults on my life in three years. As a professional athlete I was looking for an edge. Yoga really helped me to understand (and take some degree of control over) the mind body connection.. On July 10 2014 I was informed that I had a rare form of Cancer On August 11 Dr. Timothy Donahue performed a 'PANCREATICODUODENECTOMY' ("Whipple") on me to remove a Duodenal mass from my small intestines. It use to annoy some People in class because I produced a wind tunnel sound.DURING Pranayama breathing. With that sound came heat. 7am yoga class would often be chilly so I learned that the more I put into breathing, the more heat I could produce. Oxygen is a large part of our DNA . As an athlete I got it right away. Oxygen is the key to recovery, as well as the key to discovery! Breathing is connected to every life function, but it's Automatic, so we do not appreciate it until it is interrupted . Cancer cannot thrive in an Oxygen Rich environment ! CANCER is a random thing . we all have cancer cells. Something as simple as stress can allow those cells to congregate and take over a region in ones body. The question becomes are you enough in tune with your body to know when something is not right. The key to cancer is early detection . Yoga gave me the mind body connection that allowed me to know that something was not right. and to talk to my doctors.about it. PRANAYAMA BREATHING "THE BREATH OF LIFE" & "OBAMACARE" SAVED MINE



    Never too late, never too old, never too bad, and never too sick, to start from the scratch once again. Benefits include...


    Lock the knee! Lock the knee! Lock the knee!

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