Happy Spring!!

Hello Friends, Happy Spring !!

I can’t believe we are already in the month of the Spring Equinox. When we are in the USA, catching up with the time change, I am happy to be looking forward to more daylight and flower blossoms. This year, in the beginning, the yoga community had a big loss with the demise of the legendary Emmy Cleaves. Recently, we also lost Chris Yates and Raquel Welch. I needed time to grieve after her passing. We know that one day we all have to leave and take the last step out of this beautiful life, but it’s still painful. She was a beautiful soul and a great human being. I will miss her always, as she was a big part of my life.After I returned back to the USA, I did a workshop at Southern Pines, North Carolina. I met the studio owner, yoga teacher, and entrepreneur Karen Frye, as well as the studio manager and teacher Cheryl. During those days at the TT, I never got a chance to know them as individuals. There was so much to learn about their business and their hospitality, and I still cherish that weekend, which I will always remember.After almost 4 months of not being in the USA to organize the World Yoga Championship, I was lost being a teacher. I also visited BYSJ, which is not a business anymore but became my home. I love Michele, Cynthia, Murshida, Sarah, and Matt. Everytime I visit twice a year, I feel like I’m visiting my home.Finally, after 4/5 years of not teaching in LA, I returned back to teach at HYLA. It felt like a homecoming party. Chalon, the young lady who is very capable of running two studios in LA, is not a joke. She is planning to go back to study to finish her Ph.D. I met all our longtime students there.I am still part of the global hot yoga community. I never stop teaching in my ups and downs. Yoga practice must become a daily part of our life to live a stress-free life. I believe that if you take the path to become a yoga teacher, it’s a service to the community as you grow inside and share the experience. That will make you happy. I forgot to mention that I am back on Zoom again. Please join me, and I love you. Happy Spring! Namaste, Rajashree“Spring is the time of plans and projects.” — Leo Tolstoy.

P.S- A huge Shout out to these studios:
1. Hot Yoga Southern Pines
190 Bell Ave, Southern Pines, NC 28387, United States
5333 Prospect Road San Jose, CA 95129
2903 Washington Blvd. Marina Del Rey, CA 90292

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