Happy October

We are almost close to the holiday season. The season to Give, Share and Love. I always find my mind cheerful because it’s a season of lights. I am excited to announce our World Yoga Cup will be in person this year after several years. We are going to India, the birthplace of Yoga! I can’t express my excitement enough to talk about how grateful I feel to have yoga and all of you in my life. We are hosting at SVYASA Bangalore on December 3rd & 4th. You can join us as a supporter and also travel with us to some wonders of the World after the championship. I will share my time with you. I am enclosing all the flyers please sign up quickly. And for the studio owners, we are close to the end of 2022 but 2023 will be a promising year. As we come out of fear of Covid we are all struggling with financial crisis. We need yoga practice even more now to handle daily stress. Let me remind you I am offering my services to you. I am available on zoom and for in-person workshops. Please do not hesitate to contact me. I hope October brings the promise to you to continue working on ourselves to be happy.
Happy Halloween


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